Counting Down

It seems that many people have a tradition when it comes to counting down to Christmas. When Robbyn and I were little we would (somewhat violently) race each other downstairs so we could scoot our little mouse-in-the-house a day closer to Christmas. And it was rather devastating if you woke up too late and the mouse had already been moved. It was, like, a REALLY big deal.
In my older age, I’ve matured (slightly). A couple years ago, my grandma hooked me up with some Christmas decorations, including a giant puffy Santa calendar. It has pockets that you can fill with goodies.
I got the idea of filling the pockets with little notes for Joe with things I love about him. The idea was well-received and the next day, I noticed new slips of paper in the calendar, as he did the same thing for me.
(Aw. Cuuuuuuute. Rachel and Joe = BARF.)
Anyways, it rekindled that child-like excitement of counting down to Christmas. I think it’s a tradition we’ll keep doing. After all, I hear the holidays are a good time to show your love and appreciation for those special people in your life.

(Plus, I like to read nice things about myself.)
Let the season of merriment begin!