The Great Indoors


So, this is January. And above are the photos from when we were making the most of being stuck indoors with the sniffles and such.

This “getting better” business is a long process and there’s not really a way to put a glamorous or exciting spin on it. What we’ve been doing is enjoying MANY cups of hot tea, long drawn-out breakfasts, sofa snuggling, and lots of doodling (some of which may have ended up on a throw pillow). Luckily, there is extra space and light in the house now that our Christmas decor is down, so it’s making our little house a more bearable place to be.
Not pictured is a sea of used tissue, a worthless collection off-brand cold remedies, and Joe in his head-to-toe sleepwear.

We look forward to getting out more in the near future. After all, Cece and I both have cute boots that we haven’t worn nearly enough yet.

p.s. Aren’t those teacups fantastic? They were a Christmas gift from my sister and are getting used daily right now.