Our Weekend: Sledding and Super Bowling



After my recent bear-like hibernation, it felt refreshing to get out and be social this weekend. Saturday was a quintessential Minnesotan winter day as it consisted of sledding and tater-tot hotdish with the Knudsons.

That same night, after we came home and Cece went to sleep, I had a lovely girls’-night-in with my cheer alumni ladies.

And in case you didn’t hear, the Super Bowl was yesterday (which is my favorite food holiday following Thanksgiving). Joe and I hosted, but I think Azure stole the food show with her homemade cherry cheesecake. (I am declaring the buffalo-chicken dip as the runner-up). And although BeyoncĂ© put on a fabulous half-time show, Cece and Penny proved that they do, in fact, have got the moves like Jagger.

Best of all, I washed all of the dishes last night so I don’t have to scrub out a crusty Crock-Pot this morning. (There are few things I hate more than cleaning the Crock-Pot.)

Hope everyone enjoyed the game! And if nothing else, I hope you stayed warm and toasty this weekend.