Tots and Tea Parties


My big news over this past weekend is that I got a shiny new camera lens. I know that a new lens does not come close to compensating for my lack of photographic skill, experience, and knowledge, yada yada. But I do know that when I use it correctly, I’m just thrilled with the results.
Oh, and Joe and I had a hip and trendy date night this weekend going to Moksha Yoga and grabbing sushi after. I like to keep repeating to people what we did because it sounds so much cooler than our usual weekends. (Doritos and a movie, yeah?)
As for today, I babysat for Penny. Because Cece’s and Penny’s naps did not overlap at all, it was a coffee-chugging kind of day. But I had a great time listening to them chatter, watching them trying to feed each other, attending their tea parties (which mostly meant that “china” was being thrown all over the living room), and being the paparazzi.
Hope everyone had a nice weekend and a good start to your week as well!