Valentine’s Day is for suckers. And we are suckers.

I consider us people who do an a acceptable job of expressing our love and affection year-round. However, I don’t object to a holiday that promotes putting the bells and whistles on love via chocolate and flowers.  Although we keep the holiday low-key, we do acknowledge it. Below are my step-by-step instructions of how to achieve an understated, yet successful Valentine’s Day at home.

7 Steps to Valentine’s Day Success:

1. Wake up to cards, purty flowers, and chocolates (And even better, coffee made and all of last night’s dishes washed.)
2. Make the little one a “hearty” breakfast.

3. Attempt the EASIEST Pinterest Valentine craft and still have to cheat to get it to look right. Tada!
4. Bake a cake for Daddy.

5. Know that the husband will not care that half of the cake got stuck in the pan and is now slanted. Nor will he care that it’s made from a box. (If you couldn’t tell, I am not the Yuen sister who decorates cakes for a living.)
6. Finally take a shower at about 1 p.m., do the ten-second tidy around the house, and get started on dinner.  Yes, this a very food-centric holiday. And, no, this step requires no photos!
7. After dinner, take various family photos to try to depict the loooooove. (And also one photo of Joe pretending to be in a cologne ad.) Then proceed to put the C Monster to bed and catch up on Chicago Fire. Did we write the book on romance or what?


I also must include one actual family photo. Even if we are missing half our foreheads. Oh, well. Good thing we have big foreheads.

Hope you had a Valentine’s Day filled with niceness!