Duluth Part 1

On Valentine’s Day, Joe pulled out the romantic big guns and told me that he had arranged a ski trip for us over the weekend in Duluth. I actually cried because I was so happy and excited. (I bet it’s really fun having an emotionally hysterical wife, right?)
 It had been three years since we had last gone skiing and almost a year and a half since our last overnight away from Cece. I had also never been to Duluth. This was a big deal. On Saturday, we drove up to St. Cloud for Cece to hang out with Grandma and her cousins and then we were off to Spirit Mountain.
We ate lunch at Duluth Grill, which has been featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. It may have been elbow-to-elbow busy, but the food was worth it. In the spirit of keeping things interesting, we tried to order menu items that we normally wouldn’t have at home. Joe had bison-stuffed peppers, I had a salmon burger, and for dessert we shared an avocado-coconut sorbet.
For being fairly out of shape (me, not Joe), I still loved skiing. I continuously asked Joe if I was the most amazing skier he has ever seen. Like, even more amazing than Lindsey Vonn. He’s a good man, so he said yes. It should also be noted that I skied at a blazing speed of 3 miles per hour down almost every run. There were also a few times we fell down while doing nothing but waiting for the ski lift. That probably speaks to my skill level.

That night we had dinner at Bellisio’s, because you can’t go wrong with Italian food. Ever. We tried escargots and I experienced my first wine flight which meant I got to sample four wines at dinner. Maybe I should title this post “WINNING.”

In the morning I started taking more pictures with my “real” camera instead of my phone. I shall save those for the next post.