An Extreme Birthday Weekend

We drove to Madison this weekend to participate in an epic birthday celebration for Samantha and Michaela, our super sweet nieces. The multi-part party first consisted of Pump it Up (aka, an inflatable good time). All of the kids obviously had a blast, but it’s possible that I’ve never seen Joe and my brother-in-laws ever have so much fun. Ever. And to be honest, I was sliding, jumping, and climbing with equal enthusiasm. This weekend also served as a good reminder that we are not as young as we used to be with the amount of soreness that followed.

After all of that bouncing, sliding, and boxing with comically oversized gloves (not pictured), we headed back to the hotel so everyone could nap (adults included). Then we regathered for a pool party.
Part three was present opening and sloppy Joes at the Olsons. By then I felt like I had run a marathon (or at least a 5K). I could do little else besides slouch on the couch and nibble my way through four two sloppy Joe sandwiches. Although I was bummed for the weekend to end, it’s probably for the best. I think I need just one more day to recover from all of the activity. And we weren’t even there for as long as some of the family was!
Happy birthday, once more, Samantha and Michaela! We love you girls!