Best. Day. Ever.


My mom bought a front-row ticket for Cece and me to see Disney on Ice: World of Fantasy at the the Target Center. I mean it when I say that there are few things I love more than a good ice show. And fortunately for Cece, this show featured The Little Mermaid. Basically, life couldn’t have gotten any better for the two of us this morning as we were both completely captivated and awestruck by the skating, the lights, the costumes, the souveniers, etc. 
Even though I didn’t take many pictures and the photo quality is rough, I’ll always remember today as being so very special. I actually almost cried when I saw the biggest grin ever on Cece’s face when  she recognized the music and realized what was going on. She also behaved incredibly well during the entire show and I was just extremely proud of her.
Thank you, Mom! We had such a wonderful time.