Dog Park Throw-Back


I realize this is a somewhat random post, but with the last post being dog park-related, it still feels right to share.

While trying to organize some of our photo files, I came across these pictures my dad took of Joe and me while he was visiting us circa 2008. At this point, Shelby was a puppy and Joe and I insisted that she stay with us for a week since we were so puppy-crazy. (Idiots.)

Times have certainly a-changed. Shelby is no longer a puppy. I also may have discarded Joe’s “Up Yours” shirt. And obviously, much has happened (marriage, baby, house, etc.) But I also think some things aren’t going to change. The dogs will always be their happiest drooling selves at the park, and I do believe that we’ll always be happiest with each other.

Thanks for these surprise photos and videos, Dad. Even if we have tons of shaky home movies and blurry pictures, they still mean so much to me. I think my developing obsession with documenting our lives through photos and videos is partly rooted in seeing how important it was and is for Dad to capture our family memories as we grew up. So thank you : )