Poolside in Mexico

Hola amigos! I’ve decided that of all the uncertain things in life, I can declare one thing with certainty. Life dealt me the most amazing hand when it comes to family. I’m already lucky enough to have a husband who still makes googley eyes at me. BUT, I’ve also gained a ridiculously kind and generous mother and father-in-law who have taken the whole family to Mexico, not once, but TWICE. (I know I sound like a kiss-up, but I really mean it!) So, last week while Minnesota was experiencing this “spring” that looked a whole lot like winter, Joe and I were basking/burning under the sun-drenched skies of Riviera Maya, Mexico.
Joe, I still heart you, even though you are flexing in almost all of the photos I took of you.
FYI, Danielle, friends don’t make friends look so pasty on the first day at the pool. Just sayin’.

 By the last day, I wasn’t quite as reflective.

Can’t we just spend our lives floating in the pool and paddling up to the swim-up bar when the spirit moves us to?
Kim and I may have chased down this peacock like crazed paparazzi…
 You’ve got to love Joe’s blatant disregard for the “DO NOT FEED THE WILDLIFE” signs. He had definitely made new friends by the end of the week.
 And you’ve got to love Danielle’s team spirit…
 Oh, and you’ve got to love scuba diving in the pool and seeing everyone’s bottom half. Hey, it was free!
  And who doesn’t love a drink that matches your dress?
As you can see, we spent a significant amount of the time at the resort at the pool, floating in the lazy river, and frequenting the swim-up bar.
I think the most frequently heard phrase at the pool was Joe informing everyone “I need to reapply sunscreen!” This earned him the title “Most High-Maintenance Husband.” But seriously, the pool lounging, limitless drinks and dining at various buffets and restaurants, and people constantly asking me if I needed anything felt unreal, undeserved, yet fabulous. Many more photos to come!