Spring in Chicago

Cece and I just returned from a week-long visit to Chicago to see family and friends. There were even some blessed 70 degree days which meant we got to go outside without our mittens and snow boots. Below are just a few of our outings.
We squeezed in a trip to the park.

We also visited Brookfield Zoo with Rose, Sarah, and Will. This was a treat. I hadn’t been to Brookfield Zoo since grade-school. Both kids (and all adults) had an excellent time. Although, to no one’s surprise, Cece had a better time scaling rocks instead of admiring the animals.

Before we left, we even got to do a little bubble-blowing and driveway-chalking with Cece’s second cousin, Nate. I think the thing in life that may be the most certain is that Cece may love bubbles even more than anything. Even The Fresh Beat Band. Maybe even more than chocolate.
After our busy days, I hunkered down almost every night with my dad and got into the series The Walking Dead. I am in disbelief at how much I enjoy that show since I am not a zombie enthusiast whatsoever. I have successfully finished the first two season, just in case you were wondering.
Anyways, it’s great to be back home with Joe and I’m looking forward to some belated-birthday celebrating. Be back in Chicago soon!