Cece and Penny do the MIA

Yesterday, Jake and I took Penny and Cece to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. (The things you’ll bring your kid to once you hear the words “free admission”…)  
The lesson I learned is that if you wish to visit an art museum and actually get a chance to view any art, it may be best to do so without crazy toddlers (That’s right, I said it. CRAZY). Instead, significant amounts of time were spent wrangling the children away from the sculptures and installations that beckoned “climb me!”
However, Penny and Cece were so happy to see each other. Cece squealed and did her high-knees dance once she saw Penny (much like I do when I see my own friends). They were so worn out after just an hour and a half that I think the trip was worth it. It definitely beat staying at home and despairing about the hideous snow from my living room window.  Jake and I both dragged around our big cameras around only to take very few pictures, but I’m still happy we got some documentation of our day of being cultured and sophisticated.