Spring, you say?


This past week has been a tough one and it’s been hard to put on a happy face.  With each breaking news story (and each new dumping of snow), I found myself hitting my head and thinking, “Really? REALLY?” It just seems that everyone could use some hugs right now.

I’m also finding that six months of winter is too much for anyone. The lack of sunlight and warmth has been nothing short of depressing. We are also still trying to put our basement back together after water seepage. Things just seem dreary and disorganized. 
However, with everything going on, I’ve made extra sure to count my own blessings. This week has been all about home-cooked meals and sincerely trying to give Cece my undivided attention. I think she appreciates it because today, out of nowhere, she gave me a big smooch on the lips, which was unexpected, but super sweet.
We’ve managed to do some fun activities in and out of the house. (I’ve even gone back to the gym.) We’ve also had some lovely friends over a few times last week, which I do believe is a cure-all. We will also be back in Chicago again soon to celebrate some birthdays. The change of scenery will be good for us.
Above are some photos from around our house this week (and below are the captions). I’m hoping soon that we’ll be taking photos of spring outside.
1. Beautiful flowers Joe bought me from the last time we returned from Chicago (and I’ve kept them ALIVE! Just have to change the water about everyday)
2. French toast with cool whip and strawberries.
3. At long last! Matching pedis!
4 & 5. A successful month in her toddler bed.
6. Our Dora art game. I sketch a Dora drawing. Cece gives it her own flair.