Let cabin season begin!

All winter, we have been anxiously waiting to pack up our sunscreen and beach towels for the cabin. We got that chance over Memorial Day weekend. However, there was no need to pack anything beach-related as it was chilly, windy and cloudy. I certainly sympathized for those boys who had to get the docks set up (but I was quite glad it was them and not me!) The weekend sure looked a lot different from last year.
Still, we enjoyed taking a few walks, fishing, spending lots of time with all the little ones, having a temporary tattoo party (say, what???), and eating all that glorious grilled food. My hunger gauge is pretty much broken and my pants pretty much do not fit.
I feel like it should also be noted that Cece fell in love with wearing her life jacket non-stop. She even wore it inside while watching TV before bed. I find this somewhat strange as she was very anti-life jacket last year, but I’ll take it.
Hope you had a great long weekend! And a BIG thank you to all of the men and women who have bravely dedicated, risked, and given their lives for our country. I’m certainly grateful and thankful.
All photos taken with my iPhone and edited with the  A Beautiful Mess app.