We are lucky girls


Genetically, C seems to have gotten a whole lot of her traits from her dad (such as her devilish grin, her penchant for ICE CREAM, and her desire to beautify the yard) . However, she and I have this one thing in common. We are both girls who can be proud anytime anyone says “You’re just like your father.”
“Nothing is ever really lost to us as long as we remember it.”
-L.M. Montgomery
I miss Dad every single day. Whether he is in the forefront of my mind, or the back of my mind, he is always with me. Everyday, I strive to live and love in a way that would make him proud. It’s been helping me to think that way.
It also helps to know that I managed to marry someone like my Dad (just slightly taller). Someone with a big heart and a generous spirit. Someone who makes life a fun adventure and who makes his daughter the center of his world.
I’m reminded of my dad and my own childhood anytime I see Joe teach Cece something new, include her in whatever he is doing, and talk about her when she’s not around. Even at two, I see her becoming brave and confident. I see a special love between them and I already know that he is her hero. And I know that he would do anything for her.
 I’m also so lucky to have a such a fantastic father-in-law. I informed him that I might be a slightly needy daughter-in-law for awhile. And he said that’s ok.
Give your dad (or any great dad!) a really big hug today!