Life, once more, felt like a celebration.


Saying “thank you” absolutely doesn’t feel like enough.

This past weekend, the benefit YU-EN for the Fight was still held for our family. Even though Dad couldn’t be there, it was still a massive event complete with a silent auction, about 100 baskets to be raffled off, two bands, live performance art, dinner, desserts, and drinks! Most importantly, nearly every family member and friend we have ever known attended. All I kept thinking was that Dad would have enjoyed this so much. I think many would agree, that man was such a character and born to party.
I am still in disbelief that this was done for our family and that so many amazing people helped and attended. Yet, it comes as no surprise to me that so many people loved my Dad.
I was the sole supervisor of Cece and maybe only took a total of a dozen photos with my phone (which don’t do the event any justice!). However, I will never, ever forget the kindness and generosity everyone has shown our family, not just this weekend, but in this past year. I can’t help but cry (again) when I think of how much goodness there is in people. I don’t mean just by donating items or money for an event. I mean that every single hug given and every kind word spoken to me and my family has changed us, helped us, and given us strength as we faced the greatest loss we’ve ever known.
Then, to top it all off, the Hawks fought to the very end and won the ****ing Stanley Cup last night. I’d like to think that they won it for you, Dad.
Thank you, so much, again to everyone. Just as we were so lucky to have had our Dad in our lives, we are just as lucky to have every one of you!