About this “Top Mommy Blogs” business


So, sometime in April, this blog was added to the Top Mommy Blogs directory.  And I did not really explain what that meant. At all.

I’ll explain it now: Top Mommy Blogs is a free directory of popular mom blogs with reviews and ratings by readers. The site also contains a community forum for moms & mom bloggers. There are currently more than 4,500 members and 30 different categories of blogs. (That’s a lot of moms who have stuff to say.)

We are in the Stay-at-homes category. So, if you’re feeling nice, just click on the Top Mommy Blogs link in the upper right corner of the page. All it does is bring you to their site and doing so will count as a vote for us. The more votes we get, the higher we will be ranked on the directory and the more visible we will become. (aka, our audience will grow and we will become a multi-platinum blogging success. Duh.) You can “vote” once a day via that link. That’s all! Hope that cleared up any confusion. And thanks for voting ; )