More of my favorite iPhone photos

Lately, all of my favorite photos have been taken with my phone. We’ve had a busy couple of weeks. C and I returned home from Chicago (some of the above photos are from our travels). Then Joe and I had some non-stop work to do on our rental unit. Once that work was complete (and it was worth it!), we had a family day where we took Cece to lunch and to see Monsters University. We only made it through maybe half of the movie, but we finished the evening on a high note at the park.
 Now, we are looking forward to celebrating the Fourth of July, enjoying an upcoming long weekend, and doing some work on our own home now that we have been bitten by the renovation bug. We have big dreams, but a limited budget. Still, I’m excited to see what we can get done this summer. We’ll be staying busy, but staying busy means staying out of trouble, so that’s a good thing. Hope you have a great holiday weekend!