Time Together




For the past several days, Joe has been on vacation (YEEEEHAAAAAWWWWW!!!!!!!! Anyone who knows us knows that he is ALWAYS leaving for work, at work, or dealing with work on the phone.) Since my whole life is a vacation, he got to pick our vacation destination and chose to go up north to his parents’ cabin for a few days. That meant that he and Cece could rock their crocs with socks and not be judged for it.

It was time well-spent. His parents and Rachel were there for some of the time and very kindly offered to babysit for us and we ended up going on TWO dates. There were also many boat rides, some never-ending (but fun) card games, tasty meals, campfires, s’mores, a lady shopping trip to Nisswa, a very successful mini-golf outing with Cece, and… WE GAVE UP THE PACIFIER THIS WEEKEND! She did such a great job. I meant to take it away from her, oh, maybe 15 months ago? And then I kept finding excuses not to. Finally, I just realized that she’s all kinds of grown-up and it’s just time. Yes, potty training is next on the list… but since reading about the CTFD parenting strategy, I’ve decided to take a chill pill and not stress myself out about it.

Anyways, we had a great time together with all of that family bonding and such. Wish we could do it more!

(Pardon all of the capitalization. I’ve had my first half-can of pop in about two months and now I can’t blink.)

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