Great weekend with an old friend!

Over the weekend Alysha, my very first friend I ever made in Minnesota, visited us with her daughter. She and I met eight years ago at freshman orientation at the U (also known as a VERY long time ago!).
 The visit was less than 48 hours long. However, not only did we get a chance to catch up and meet each others’ daughters after not seeing each other since graduation, but we also jammed a whirlwind of activity into one Saturday. Our first outing was to the U of M so she could finally show her daughter what “college” is.



I actually can’t remember the last time I set foot on campus (besides a quick visit to a cheerleading practice last October), and our visit definitely induced a huge wave of nostalgia for me. In my opinion, the U is one of the most stately and gorgeous campuses in the country. And Cece looks quite good on campus, if I do say so myself.

In addition to visiting the U, taking two trips to the playground, letting the girls “swim” in our tiny backyard pool, we also visited Minnehaha Falls. Cece was absolutely captivated by the waterfall (and even more captivated by her ice cream sandwich from Dairy Queen that followed.)

I had assumed that once I informed Joe of my impending “lady weekend” that he would be making other plans. Not so much. Joe even tagged along for most of our outings, not wanting to miss C’s first train ride, campus visit, or first sighting of the “shoe tree”. It was so nice to have an extra pair of helping hands, or there may have been no photos at all!

Thanks so much for visiting, ladies! We had a wonderful time!

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