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I’ve realized that part of being a parent means spending a significant chunk of my adult life at the park. And I don’t mind at all as there really is no better way to burn off toddler energy. (So maybe sometimes my hips get stuck in the slide. I can deal.)

Recently, a bright shiny new playground was added right across the street from us and the existing playground had repairs done to it. Usually C and I make visit in the morning and then again in the evening when Joe gets home from work. As you can see, all of us have been getting our use out of it.

I realize that people might see us and wonder how/why Joe lets her climb/slide/flip to her heart’s content. It might look like he’s teaching her to be reckless. (After all, the word “zip line” is now in her vocabulary.) But, he’s always right behind her. I suspect that what he is doing is teaching her to trust him. And herself. Regardless, those two are always look like they wrote the book on fun and I’m just lucky to get a photo of it now and then!

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