Linda, we miss you. A LOT.

(Linda, her daughter Lauren, her son-in-law Jake, and my mom)
2013… you must be one of those things that are supposed to make us “stronger.” But between the loss of my dad, my grandma constantly in and out of the hospital, and now the loss of my mom’s cousin, I need to admit that I’m not feeling so strong. I’d like to ask for a break for my family. Just a little break.
Last Friday night, my mom’s beautiful, hilarious, talented, loving, and lovely cousin Linda passed away. Since hearing the news, the Leone family has constantly been in my thoughts and prayers. Since I moved away from Illinois almost nine years ago, I haven’t had many opportunities to spend time with extended family (as shown by my family taking photos “with” me by putting my picture on a stick). However, any time I ever spent with Linda and her family was always the BEST time. She was an incredible mom, a true example to follow. And she was just crazy fun, there’s no other way to put it. We are going to miss her so very much. It’s a tiny bit of comfort to know that she and my dad will be in each other’s company once hockey season begins. 
Her obituary is here in addition to the information for her memorial that is tomorrow.
Please keep the Leone family in your thoughts and prayers.
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