Saturday Morning Farmers Market


All summer I’ve been intending to visit the farmers market that’s super close to our house. And then I kept forgetting/ being lazy/ making other plans. Recently the weather has turned incredible and being outside is now a non-negotiable. So this Saturday my trusty tiny sidekick and I headed out that way and picked up some unnecessary goodies (a pumpkin muffin and some cheese), checked out the art activities for kids, and of course, visited the playground. (All of which adds up to a great afternoon nap, FYI.)

C is at a point where she kind of despises her stroller so we haven’t been using it. However, she also has her own agenda and it’s tough to shop anywhere and keep her nearby at the same time, let alone take photos too. It’s all about quick efficient trips these days. This was also the first time I’ve picked up my camera in quite awhile. I guess I haven’t been feeling too inspired lately, but I’m hoping now that it’s going to be fall and lovely, these pictures will practically take themselves.


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