Coming soon… baby #2!

A wise lady once told me “Babies are like potato chips… you can never have just one.”

We all know how I feel about potato chips.
And so here we are! The fourth member of our wolf pack will be arriving sometime in early March. We just had our ultrasound last week. (I’m 20 weeks today, halfway done!) We opted not to find out gender again, so delivery day will be like Christmas morning, minus all of the glitter and gift receipts. But, ooh, he or she looks like a cutie! I just can’t wait to nibble on fresh baby toes and get my snuggling on.
We are also trying to get Cece accustomed to the idea of becoming a big sister (!!!). So far, she grasps that there’s a baby growing, it’s kicking, she will eventually get to play peek-a-boo with it, and that new baby will enter this world via my belly button. (I mean, crazier things have happened in the delivery room, right?). She keeps going back and forth when predicting whether she will have a brother or sister, but she once told me that Donald Duck sounded like a good name.
July and August were rough (as maybe indicated by the lack o’ blog posts). Initially, I was way more wimpy about this second pregnancy than I expected myself to be. I was sick and tired and I also couldn’t figure out my go-to food. For awhile, all I really wanted was Dunkin’ Donuts breakfast sandwiches, which was problematic since the closest one is in Wisconsin Dells. Usually when Cece takes a nap, I would try and do things around the house, sometimes blog, sometimes shower, etc. But for two months straight, napping trumped all else. It feels good to have an appetite and energy again. I can’t be as gastronomically adventurous as I once was, but that’s OK. I feel like I’m expanding quickly, thanks to my shortness and my practically non-existent torso. However, I’m so happy to be feeling those baby kicks again. It’s my favorite.
As with any new baby, there’s a bunch of planning and preparing that still needs to be done. I continue to keep myself awake at night worrying about things I can do nothing about right now. (How will I make naps work? How will two of them do sharing a room? How will I get groceries and ever make meals? How will there be enough Rachel to go around for everyone?)

I’ve been pretty dramatic and acting like we are the very first people in the world to have a second baby. (Something tells me that we are not…) It’ll work out and it’ll be hard and wonderful. I’m sure for a good while I will be house-bound with messy hair, tired eyes, and babies in both arms. I just can’t wait. (Come visit!)
I’ll try not to be blabbing about baby and pregnancy ALL the time… but probably most of the time. You’ve been warned. Thanks for reading and sharing our excitement!
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