Halloween 2013



I’m slightly embarrassed to share that I wasn’t overly into Halloween this year.  I didn’t even carve any pumpkins (so I had to take photos of other people’s amazing pumpkins). BUT Cece and I did have some fun by having friends over during the day. We painted gourds and baked cupcakes. Cece was in charge of sprinkle-distribution and did a fine job, I would say.

The day before Halloween, I came across this mermaid costume on clearance for less than $5 and I couldn’t help myself. I let Cece wear it around the house during the day and she was happy to change into her cowgirl motif when it came time for trick-or-treating.

C enjoyed the brief trick-or-treating we did last year and definitely thought it to be even more awesome this year. In fact, she has wanted to go trick-or-treating everyday since Halloween. I told her that it’s cool to wear her Halloween costumes as much as she’d like, but we really can’t go around mooching candy from her neighbors ALL year long (which is too bad, really).

Hope you had a fun (and chaos-free) holiday!

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