The Minnesota Zoo



This morning was my first time ever at the Minnesota Zoo. In the past our family has just gone to Como Zoo because, well, it’s free and I’m cheap. And let’s be honest. When you go somewhere that requires admission, it means smaller crowds and more to see/do. Even though it was cold (as you may have inferred by the puffy pink coats and snow on the ground) we still had such fun with C’s cousin Michaela who was in town visiting. (Luke and Andrea are decent folks too, so it was a good time ; )
We saw several animals up close which is never the case at Como, especially with the crowds. I think my favorite moment of the day was when C saw the leopard and had to scale the wall so she could get right up in its business. I don’t blame her, that cat looked cute and cuddly (in that lethal predator sort of way). The other thing that captivated Cece was THE GOATS. After we got home, she kept telling me about how “Cece pet goats!”
I’m looking forward to when we can visit again!
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