We had a great day!


The Fresh Beat Band was the first TV show that Cece really got into (and of course, I got way into it too).When Joe bought us tickets to see them live back in March, I really felt the day of the concert would NEVER come.
So, last night was a blast. The theater was filled with little screaming kids, over-priced souvenirs, overly excited moms, and the biggest smiles EVER. I couldn’t figure out what to watch- Cece singing and dancing with her microphone, or the Fresh Beats themselves (who are all adorable by the way. If I could sing at all, I totally would be in the band.).
I took some video with my Canon (only to realize I had the sound turned off later, BUMMER!). But I still got took some video of Cece singing and dancing on my phone. I’m so glad we went! Til next time, Fresh Beats!
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