(More) November via iPhone









The past couple of weeks have been busy, but such fun. I took Cece on her first airplane ride and we got to spend a few fantastic days in Chicago. She did amazingly well on both flights. I was so proud! I loved every minute I got to spend with friends and family in Chicago. Our next visit can’t come soon enough.

We also saw the Fresh Beats in concert when we came home. I think that photo of the three of us should be blown up and put over the fire place. (Just kidding. We don’t have a fireplace.)  We have also enjoyed spending lots o’ time with Joe as his work hasn’t been too nutty this week.

C and I also both went to the doctor for check-ups and flu shots. New baby is doing well and getting bigger (probably thanks to all of that Chicago pizza and Aunt Gina’s sloppy Joe I dined on recently). We’re very much looking forward to the upcoming holidays and getting to spend even more time with family and friends.

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