A Cabin-y Christmas


^^^Family pictures are tough, FYI! Even I don’t cooperate for them.^^^
Oh, Christmas. How quickly you come and how quickly you go. And what a gigantic mess of paper and packaging you leave in your wake. (It’s going to take me substantial time to sort the toys, properly recycle boxes, and reorganize our life. First world problems, no?)
This year was a little different as Joe’s family spent the holiday up at the cabin. C and I were there for several days as well and Joe met us up there on Christmas Eve. It was a frigid few days. My wimpy self never stepped foot outside the front door while we were there. I certainly was not down for ice fishing.
 Luckily, there was plenty of good company to enjoy indoors. I think our total head count was 17 people. Present-exchanging that would have taken place over a couple days at various houses was condensed on Christmas Day to one living room. So, basically, we had several rounds of gift-opening punctuated by insanely good meals and snacks. I don’t think anyone was bummed out by this situation.
However, C was not her most fabulous self as she ended up getting sick with the Christmas Plague. I brought her to the doc yesterday and it turned out that she has an ear infection. We’re back at home with antibiotics and it seems like things are on the upswing. (And we can all start sleeping again!)
Hope everyone had a fun and festive holiday! I’m so thankful to have spend it with such wonderful people (and so grateful for the generous gifts!)
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