To a new year

It appears that I have NOT started out 2014 with a blogging bang! That’s ok though. There’s lots of year left to catch up.
We are doing well around these parts. Or at least as well as anyone can be doing when it is -22 degrees outside. Since Christmas, Cece has been recovering from an ear infection, so we have just been doing lots of resting up. Which I am cool with. Resting is definitely my thing these days. The only photos I have taken are of us napping in bed. Is that quality journalism or what?

I’m trying to not let this wretched weather get me down though. Over the past couple of days, I finished painting our kitchen (a project I started in JULY), did some “spring” cleaning, got the van’s oil changed, baked cookies with Cece, and even slipped out for a mani-pedi last night. (I could have fallen asleep at the salon. It was that relaxing.)

I’ve had time to reflect on the past year and also think about what I’m hoping for in 2014. Most reading this blog know that it was a very confusing and emotional year. I felt as though I was experiencing grief and joy simultaneously for most of the year. There was sickness and death, not just in my own family, but for those close to me as well. However, 2013 had many beautiful moments. Between the unwavering support and love from family and friends, finding out that we are expecting another child, and watching Cece continuing to grow up beautifully, 2013 still brought blessings.

In 2014, I’m hoping to continue focusing on all of the positives in the new year, even though I already know the year will not be free of difficulty. I’m going to focus and the things I do have and that I can do. And I’m going to put my heart and soul and energy into being the best person I can be for the people whom I love the most. 

Below is my little Instagram video summarizing 2013.

Also, here’s our 2012 recap from last year (this one is better!)


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