January Bits and Pieces (via iPhone)


For awhile there, it seemed as though our entire life/schedule revolved around potty training. Now that C is really getting the hang of things (and so am I!), we’ve been able to add more fun and activities back into our lives. We’ve had a couple solid play dates. Joe and I had our first legitimate date night for the first time since September. (Hence the token photos of food and a “getting ready” selfie. I couldn’t help myself.) It was such a treat to have a couple hours together, just the two of us. We also ventured out this weekend to watch the Super Bowl with some friends. Otherwise, we’ve still been pretty house-bound, playing the Frozen soundtrack over and over (and over). BUT we are getting excited for a little upcoming road trip. And we’ve also started cleaning and rearranging (otherwise known as nesting!) for new baby. Only five more weeks until my due date! I am starting to get extremely excited and anxious over here.
Hope you are staying warm (and sane) as this winter continues!
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