This weekend was a circus!

We traveled to Madison over Valentine’s Day weekend for some extreme birthday celebrating for Cece’s cousins. The many activities included a hotel pool party, a visit to Play N with swing sets and trampolines, and last, but not least, a trip to the Zor Shrine Circus.

In my next life (or perhaps in my next career), I think I’d do a fine job in the circus. I have a penchant for sparkly stretchy clothes, gigantic animals, and any kind of aerial acts. Obviously, I have what it takes. I’ll keep you posted…

Our family still had a fine time as spectators. However, Cece did fall asleep during the second half of the show. She managed to sleep straight through the motorcycle stunts and the guy being shot out of a canon. Typical toddler.

While she was still awake, she enjoyed the other acts and all of her circus souvenirs. Joe also bought C and I tickets for an elephant ride during intermission which we both were thrilled about. She kept saying, “Daddy! I riding elephant!” The only thing she may have loved more was the cotton candy.
By the way, it’s really hard to take nice photos at the circus! Everything is super far away, cables and ropes are dangling everywhere, and the lighting is crazy. Tips, anyone?

Hope everyone had a good weekend and a lovely Valentine’s Day. I already managed to eat the huge box of Lindt chocolates Joe bought for me and I’m considering asking for another one.
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