Making the best of this eternal winter…


I could rant and rave about winter… for the rest of winter. And then I realize that I am not from Minnesota and I made the conscious decision to live here so then I quiet down. And think of how sticky and hot the summers are.
Anyways, we finally got a chance to play in the snow last week as it warmed up a little bit. Joe and Cece made a snowman (we added a carrot to his face later), Maya enjoyed perching herself on top of a huge snow mound in our backyard, and I pulled Cece around in her sled for a little bit. See? We can embrace the season. Especially Cece. She is so unfazed by the cold and snow. Even more so than Joe. She thought it was fun to just keep falling down on purpose. We have a true Minnesota girl on our hands.

^^^ And apparently some people REALLY embrace the season. We saw this car with a snowman on top of it in the Home Depot parking lot this weekend and thought it was hilarious. Although, he should really be wearing a seatbelt.

 Stay warm, my friends, during this upcoming chilly week! Eek!

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