Make-ahead meals (and smoothies!)


I’ve been laser-focused on getting all of my last-minute to-dos done before baby arrives. I got one big item checked off my list this weekend as Joe helped me make several dinners to store our freezer. We hope that once the baby arrives, these ready-made dinners will make life a little easier and a little less stressy (that is, if we remember to take them out of the freezer BEFORE we get hungry).
We chose to make all of our favorite comfort foods, most of which I could probably cook in my sleep. My personal favorites are the black bean and sweet potato chili (the recipe is on this blog) and the chicken pot pie (recipe here) which I think I’ve made dozens of times. I also baked 4 loaves of banana bread, but we already started eating those, so no photos!
In addition to our dinner foods, I decided to give the make-ahead smoothies a chance as an easy and fairly healthy breakfast option. I had one this morning and loved it, so I’ll share that recipe here.
Fruit and Spinach Smoothies
(Yields 12 packs)

  • 32 oz. container of plain Greek yogurt (I used Chobani.)

  • 1 3lb bag frozen fruit (I used strawberries, mangoes, and pineapples.)

  • 1 bag baby spinach

  • 6 bananas peeled and cut in half


  • Divide the yogurt into a muffin tin and freeze until solid (you should be able to get a dozen 1/2 cup servings).

  • Into 8-9 quart freezer bags, add 1/2 cup fruit, 1/2 cup spinach, 1 frozen yogurt cup, and one-half of a banana. Seal.

  • Store in your freezer. When it’s smoothie time, be sure to have milk or juice on hand to blend it with. The consistency of the smoothie will be determined by how much liquid you add.

That’s all! Ok, now that my smoothies are made, the baby can arrive whenever it wants ; )
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