Love you, Grandma

I already miss Grandma so much.

She was sharp, social, beautiful, chatty, so dang tough, and she loved all of us with all of her heart.

I’m grateful she isn’t suffering anymore. I’m also thankful that the last time I saw her, she was awake and we were able to have a nice conversation. She had predicted that I was going to have a girl. (But she was hoping that she was wrong and that I would have a boy!)

I have a wonderful stockpile of memories of her and have every intention of letting her live on in my heart. 

She used to watch Robbyn and I before and after school so she was a significant part our childhood. Even as we got older, we continued to visit her on our own. Every time I returned home from Minnesota, I still made a point to go to her house (and not just for the snacks!).

When we were little, she made sure we went to school with our hair neatly done and a good breakfast in our bellies. Like our dad, she picked us up from school and helped shuttle us to and from our skating and cheerleading practices. She would unfailingly provide an after school snack and dinner. I have so many memories of running errands with her, getting groceries, and of course, buying lotto tickets.

 I will always be thankful Grandma knew the importance of shooing us outside to play, to pretend, and to climb trees in her backyard. She could always be counted on for a game of Scrabble or cards. Grandma was an excellent party planner and host. I actually cried at my bridal shower she and Aunt Gina threw for me because it was so incredible.  And of course, I’ll remember and miss her cooking. I will also strive to someday recreate her sloppy joe which has earned the description of “legendary.”

I know that she’ll be greeted in heaven with so many open arms. I know that I’ll see her again someday, but that doesn’t lessen the sense of loss at this point. I’m sleep-deprived, blubbering, and not really doing my best writing job, but I just had to get it out of me that Grandma was incredibly special and will be missed so much by so many.

I love you, Grandma.
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