Rosie’s First Trip to Chicago





Last week I drove by myself with both girls to Chicago so Rosemary could meet my family for the first time. (Some called me brave, some called me crazy, and I think both of those statements are accurate.) Honestly, the travel part was  a little exhausting. But this time with family was wonderful and necessary for me. My mom’s house had a constant stream of company and there was always someone to hold Rosie (which meant I had two free hands so I could snack.)  And goodness, we received so many wonderful and generous gifts for both girls. We also made a trip to Chinatown to see the Yuens and so Rosie could meet her great Grandma. Between the wonderful weather, delicious food, and great company, I will declare it a very successful week. Thank you everyone for making us feel so very special! I can’t wait until we can visit again.
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