Dad and Cece

With Dad’s birthday being a few days ago and the one-year anniversary of him passing being today, I’ve been thinking of him even more than I already do. I miss him so dearly. There’s been a lot of laughing until I cry and crying until I laugh when reminiscing about him. 
Below are some short videos that Dad took of Cece when she was just a teeny baby. I thought it would be difficult to watch these as I figured it would just make me miss him more. Instead, I found it cathartic. I couldn’t help smiling and feeling comforted by hearing his voice. Some of my best memories of Dad are of him as a grandpa. He was CRAZY about Cece and you can hear it in the videos. I have no doubts that he would adore Rosie as well, but I like to believe that they got to meet in heaven before she was born.
Love you, Dad. I miss you and I am inspired by you everyday.
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