Mermaid Princess Party!



Mermaid princess birthday week has concluded. (And I am SPENT!) It was such a special week because I had my best ladies from Chicago visiting AND we got to have a party at one of Cece’s favorite places with our friends and Joe’s family as well. I’m glad we did the party this way, because I’m certain 25 people would not have fit in our teeny duplex unless we demolished a wall. In addition to cake and presents, the kids got to run around like wild monkeys at Edinborough Park, climbing through tunnels, going down slides, and scooter racing.
Because the day was so action-packed, the only photos I took was of the cake. Robbyn, Sarah, and Angela kindly took some pictures for us to remember the day.
Thank you so much to everyone who came! Cece had a fantastic time and so did we! You can see in C’s face just how special she felt.
P.S. This little mermaid princess slept for most of the party, but I think she might have taken home the award for best-dressed!
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