Me and Rosemary



For as much incessant photo-taking that happens around here, I recently realized that I hardly have any nice photos of just Rosie and I together. (The selfies taken with me in my PJs with my iPhone do not count.) Yes, she is only two months old, but the time is going by too fast.
While at the park when Sarah was visiting this week, I asked her to take some impromptu shots of me and Rosie and I LOVE THEM. It was a spontaneous idea, but the pictures turned out so lovely. (We tried to get Cece to take a few photos but she was way more interested in digging in the sand using her crocs. Fair enough, we let her be.)
Thank you so much for these pictures! I can’t express just how much I adore this little girl. I love her sweet smile, her chubby legs, her super soft baby hair, and her easy-going attitude. I’ve said it before, but this little girl is good for my soul. Love you, Rosie.
(And thank you so much, Sarah! I already miss youuuuuuu!)
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