Fairies Welcome

With all of the mermaid-loving that goes on in our home, maybe it seems like we don’t have the time of day for other mythical creatures. Not true. Cece and I also have a soft spot for fairies. We enjoy watching the Tinkerbell movies, reading fairy books, and playing with her collection of fairy wings and wands. Sometimes Cece asks me if I can get her “real pixie dust, not pretend pixie dust.” (And so far I can’t find any real pixie dust being sold on Amazon, so the search continues.) However, I have found a LOT of cute examples of fairy gardens online and thought it would be a fun activity to build our own.
So, over the past couple of weeks, Cece and I have been collecting things for our garden. We found rocks and sticks around our yard, extra buttons in my jewelry box, and a surprising amount of fairy garden-related accessories at Michael’s. While shopping at Home Depot, I made sure to pick up some smaller blooms to add in as well. Then I filled an old bucket with potting soil, hot glued a little fence out of sticks, and (with Cece’s help), started arranging the different tiny elements for the garden.
Of course, as the project started, it became more elaborate. I found myself awake at night thinking about utterly ridiculous things. (Do fairy gardens need mulch? How do I create tiny mulch? Oooh, we should have a water feature! Etc. I probably should be awake at night thinking of more grown-up things like college funds for the kids and scheduling my next dentist appointment.)
Now that it’s mostly finished, it’s right by our front door so we can enjoy it and so can anyone visiting. This was a great way for me to learn a little bit about landscape architecture (even if on a miniature scale) and it was a cool big-girl activity for Cece. Will let you know if spy any fairies popping by ; )
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