A Swell Summer Evening

Earlier this week, Joe dropped us girls off at Minnehaha Falls. He had to do some grass-cutting nearby and met up with us later. So, Cece got to see her first waterfall of the season and we got to listen to some lovely Music from the Land of OZ. My dear friend Azure serenaded us with “Over the Rainbow” and Cece danced in the aisles for nearly the entire hour that we were there. (I had flashbacks to when Robbyn and I were younger and couldn’t resist dancing to everything and anything.) Rosie even held it together for most of the evening. Joe met us as the concert was finishing up and then we went to (you guessed it!) Dairy Queen. That establishment is taking all of our money, I swear…
If you fancy things like outdoor concerts, do check out the Calhoun-Isles Community Band!
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