Four Years!

We FINALLY got around to going on a date to celebrate our anniversary! Life has felt a little hectic lately, but I suppose that is to be expected with a new-ish baby. For instance, just as we were about to leave for our date, Rosie basically exploded and I had baby poop all over my white jeans, new shirt, etc. Instead of gracefully leaving, I threw all of my clothes at Joe and told him to “Shout it out and run the sanitize cycle!” while I cleaned up Rosie. Of course, she was just smiling this entire time and I couldn’t help but smile too.
This was the first date we have been on in three months (basically since Rosie was born). I had hoped to go on some sort of cutesy summery outing, but it was windy out, and I was HANGRY. So we just ended up going to Bubba Gump’s which was nearby. Joe had never been there before and we stuffed ourselves silly with seafood and shrimp. We got a couple of drinks and appetizers and the time just flew as we talked. There wasn’t even time to be taking photos of our food and playing with Instagram filters. It’s funny how you can see each other everyday but can still spend a couple of hours “catching up.”
It feels great to be celebrating another year of marriage. I won’t lie, I feel mighty grown-up when I can say things lie “We’ve been married for four years.” Or when I can reference “the kids” in conversations. It still blows my mind that we have kids. Plural. I love it. And I love you, husband.
Thank you for giving me a beautiful life and for working on it with me everyday. As important as it is to celebrate each year of marriage, I think it’s also important to be proud when you make it through another month, week, and day of marriage. There are certainly tough, tough moments in between all of those anniversaries and photographable days. Those times make us stronger and better and I wouldn’t want to experience a moment of this life with anyone else. Happy anniversary!
(Wedding image courtesy of R.E.M. Photography)
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