Father’s Day 2014

Yesterday was a good day to celebrate dads.
Father’s Day last year was definitely tougher than I had anticipated it would be. And this year was still tough. I found myself getting choked-up looking at Father’s Day cards and seeing ones that I would have chosen for Dad. I don’t think it’s possible for me to miss him any more than I do right now nor any less. I don’t think I will ever be “used” to him being gone. I also certainly don’t think Dad would want me sitting here all sad and pouty. There still is so much to smile and be happy about. He and my mom couldn’t have given me a better childhood or a happier life.
And now Joe and the girls are continuing to fill my life with joy, love, and craziness. I’m thrilled that I will get to watch their daddy-daughter relationships grow over the years. I don’t think any of them know just how incredible that bond is going to become. It’s a blessing and definitely something to celebrate.
This year, we got to spend the entire day together as a family. We ate breakfast together, accompanied Joe to the couple of stores he had to do a little bit of work at, and then came home for lunch. We visited some open houses (just for fun, I don’t think we are moving anytime soon, we just really like open houses.) and did some yard work/storm clean-up.
Joe acted as the fairy FEMA by recovering our flooded fairy garden. He also set up a drain system for future flash floods. (I tell you, this man was meant to have daughters.) Cece and I baked Joe a cake (and then went a little wild with the decorating). Cece had been talking ALL WEEK about baking this cake so I’m guessing this was the highlight of her day. And then before we knew it, it was time for the kiddos baths and bedtime.

I hope you had a fantastic Father’s Day! Dads really are the best ; )
And I love you, Dad! I’ve looked up to you my whole life and I hope you know that I am still looking up to you.
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