Three-Year and Three-Month Photos

 I finally got around to taking Cece’s “official” three-year photos. We went to Minnehaha Falls and visited a couple different gardens. For the most part, she didn’t really want to stay still or look at the camera. She was more interested in twirling and jumping off benches and things of that nature. Fortunately, I still managed a few shots of the front of her head.
Honestly, she was a good sport and I’m grateful that she still puts up with me since she does have a lot of very important three-year-old things to be doing.


And then I got to taking Rosie’s three-month photos which seemed like a piece of cake since she let me dress her in whatever I wanted and stayed on the blanket where I put her. I tell you, she’s a natural.
Right now, Miss Three-Month-Old is not only into smiling and jabbering, but giggling, drooling, and tugging on whatever she can get her hands on (blankets, toys, my hair, Joe’s arm hair, etc.). She also loves standing supported and she thinks its really funny when you fake-sneeze and sing the baby shark song. Boy, are we enjoying this munchkin!



“I hope you don’t mind that I put down in words how wonderful life is now you’re in the world.”
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