Wisconsin Dells

We just returned from a roooooad trip! Over the weekend we met my family (and assorted friends, cousins, etc.) in Wisconsin Dells. This was actually the first time I had been on a vacation with my family in SEVEN years. (What? HOW?) This was Cece’s first visit to the water parks in the dells and Rosie’s first time in a swim suit. (Doesn’t she look smashing? That thing was equivalent to baby Spanx, quite snug!)
 For those reasons alone, I think the trip was a memorable experience. I was so proud of Cece. She actually went down some teeny water slides by herself and even enjoyed the wave pool.

In addition to soaking in assorted pools, playing 3-D mini golf, and snacking, we went to this cute pottery studio to be artistes! The little ones enjoyed painting their masterpieces. (Posing for photos? Not as much!) Personally, I think I could paint pottery all day. I just love paint.

We stayed at Wilderness on the Lake. I think one of the best parts of this resort was not only the pretty pool area, but the spacious and scenic grilling spots! On our last night we enjoyed some delicious burgers and hot dogs made by the manly men, which was a delightful way to end the trip. (And luckily, all this fun was had before the crazy storms hit, success!)
Thank you so much to my mom for organizing this vacation and making it happen! Love ya, mom!
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