Fourth of July

Hi! Hope you spent your Fourth of July doing relaxing, yet patriotic things. This was the third weekend in a row we packed up and left town. (I swear, all I’m doing lately is packing and unpacking, but it also makes me feel like we are doing summer right!)
We spent this windy weekend up at the cabin. Joe and I actually missed fireworks as we both fell asleep while putting the girls to bed. (But ohhhhh. Sleep. You are worth it.) We still enjoyed the family of his company during the time we were awake. And though lots of our time was spent Cece-chasing, and Rosie-holding, we still squeezed in some relaxing. We made it down to the fire one night and I even got a chance to go waterskiing. And, as always, Cece was in her element playing with her cousin pals. Even Rosie seemed to love watching all of the little kids run around and play. I feel so lucky that my girls have all of these sweet little friends that are already built-in to the family.

Great to see everyone again! Until next time!
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