And July keeps on rolling!

Wishing I could find more hours in a day so I could do more thoughtful and more frequent blogging! I miss blogging more often, but some day I’ll improve my time-management skills… when I have time. Last week was busy, yet still fun. Here’s a little recap of life lately:

Though he wasn’t really training, Joe still completed his first Tough Mudder last Saturday. It’s a ten-mile obstacle course where you get super filthy and have to run through dangling live electrical wires at the end. (I didn’t think it sounded so bad until I heard that part.) He fortunately got through the course uninjured. Now he’s all pumped and can’t wait to find a new race/obstacle course to participate in.
I stayed much cleaner than Joe last weekend and took Rosie with me to my friend Kristina’s baby shower. Despite Rosie’s angry face in the photo, she really did have a great time and so did I! I am very eagerly anticipating the arrival of Kristina’s baby girl!

During the week, I took the girls to St. Cloud and we had an all-day play date with most of Cece’s cousins. We also had our first official splash pad experience. All good things!
And we certainly love having this little lady in town. Welcome back to MN, Michaela!

We hung out with Penny a couple times this week too. I think it’s good for these two new big sisters to hang out together and discuss big-sisterly things. (Or if nothing else, they were able to help me shuck corn for dinner.)


And above are just a few more random iPhone shots from the week.  Maybe I’m biased, but I think Rosie’s cheeks and thighs are the BEST!

I am excited for August to begin!
(And that has nothing to do with my birthday… or anything like that.)

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