On the rooftop




We have visited the Children’s Museum quite a few times in the past year. It’s such a perfect place to take little ones when the weather is crummy (which is seriously eight months out of the year!) On our trip this week, we FINALLY managed to make it up to the rooftop.
The Rooftop ArtPark a neat place to be as there are lovely views of downtown St. Paul, but nature-inspired art activities for kids. So, Cece scaled a large tree fort unassisted, dabbled in water painting, played with clay for the first time, and got a little dirty in a very pretty sand cove. We definitely could have stayed longer, but we needed to, you know, eat and nap and such. This happened to be my first time venturing to the museum with both girls and they were both so well-behaved. They made me look like a mom who totally knows what she’s doing. Thanks, girls!
(And P.S. The Thomas the Train exhibit is still open and also a great time for any train enthusiasts. I am not into trains, but even I enjoyed the exhibit.)
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