Two peas in a pod

Cece continues to surprise and impress me everyday by what a terrific big sister she has been. For instance, when Rosie is crying, Cece will run over and tell her, “It’s ok, it’s ok! Cece is here!” Or she’ll say “My sister needs me!” It’s pretty adorable. And Rosie loves her right back. Cece can make Rosie laugh more easily than anyone else can. They’ve recently gotten into some giggle fits during dinner and it’s ADORABLE. I figured they would bond SOMEDAY, but I definitely didn’t foresee them liking each other so much so soon. I hope this keeps up because I love it.
And lastly, here is my most recent favorite Cece quote:
“Cece is Elsa. Rosie is Anna.” (What about mama?)
“Mama is Olaf the snowman. So, you like warm hugs. Can I have a warm hug?”
Of course you can, my dear.
(In case you were curious, Joe is Kristoff, not Prince Hans, thank goodness.)
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