Picnic Dinner

Going on a dinner picnic is something that has been on my summer to-do list for a couple years. (Yes, sometimes it takes me years to check something simple off a list!) Cece needed no persuading. Joe took a little convincing , but warmed up to the idea once he saw the fancy sandwiches I was making.
Cece helped me prepare all of the food. She had a peanut butter and honey sandwich. For Joe and myself, I made chicken sandwiches with goat cheese and caramelized mushrooms and onions on a pretzel bun. (Pretzel buns rule, FYI.) We also had strawberries, cheese and crackers, and carrots and hummus to share.
We went to Lake Normandale as I had a cute spot near a small waterfall in mind for dining. Unfortunately, the lake had become kind of swampy and slightly smelly over the summer. so we kept joking that we were in Dowisetrepla (How I Met Your Mother, anyone?). Still, we kicked off our shoes and enjoyed our dinner as well as the novelty eating on the ground instead of a table. Two super sweet ladies walking by offered to take a photo of us. I love when the four of us can actually all be in a photo together, so I really appreciated it!
After we ate, Joe and Cece went on a little tree climbing expedition while Rosie and I were happy to sit back and watch them do their Tarzan thing.


Cece has requested to go on a picnic again and I think we should too!
If you’ve had something on your summer to-do list that still needs doing, go for it because there’s still time! I’m glad we had this evening together.
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